NeuroVoider Download [Updated] 2022
NeuroVoider Download [Updated] 2022

NeuroVoider Download [Updated] 2022



Once upon a time there were 2 heroes, 2 who’s sole purpose was to fight and defend the kingdom. They lived in a land with many different lands and people, ready to be conquered at any time by their terrible enemies. A time of peace and happiness was about to be lost forever.

It is now your mission to remember the story of these 2 heroes and take control of one of them. Save the princess and defeat the villains to save the kingdom.


There are 2 heroes in this game, each playing their own role. You can choose whether to play as both, or pick one and watch as the other one does. You can choose which hero you wish to play, and you can even choose to play through both of their journey at the same time and see what they encounter along the way.

Story wise:

You play as one of the heroes in a story of war, saving the princess and defeating the villains. However you cannot choose who you play as, so you must play both in order to get the full story. In the end you both live in the same land, but it is only after a strong, true hero is found that peace can be restored once again.

Game Features:

-8 different heroes each with their own original story.-48 maps to explore. Pick your favorite map and travel the land to fight off your enemies!-9 different enemy and their own personalities to fight against.-Hunt your way through different lands and fight against many different villains in every single level.-Completely original story based on your 2 heroes. Play them both to get the whole story.-8 different bosses you must defeat to complete the game.-Explore 8 different maps and fight off enemies in 9 different lands including forests, mountains, and deserts.-Battle in many arenas to beat your enemies to the ground!The invention relates to an electrolyte cell for the production of an electric current from a solid, powdered and/or liquid alkali metal fuel and a solid, powdered and/or liquid hydrogen-containing substance, containing a plurality of fuel cells arranged in series, using an electrode which contains a solid, powdered alkali metal fuel and a solid, powdered and/or liquid hydrogen-containing substance and which is provided for contacting a liquid electrolyte which contains a solid, powdered alkali metal salt or a solid, powdered and/or liquid alkali metal hydroxide, which is provided for contacting the fuel and the reactant gas with the electrode surface.


Features Key:

  • Neurovoider is developed with Clang / C++ Source Code Analyser. (clang / cpp code analysis tool). This tool is designed to identify code problems, memory leaks and other errors in our program.
  • Compiled binary and source code is automatically generated and given to the player during gameplay. The source code and exact compiled binary version are available at the GitHub page.
  • Support IOS and Android.
  • Sound provided with audio files is played within the Unity Editor environment when one of the neurovoider objects and at runtime when an object is being controlled through various telemetries.


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NeuroVoider is the latest development of “VisiVoider”, an episodic game in which you fly through a portal to the world of NeuroVoider, a parallel dimension. You will experience a surreal sci-fi journey, through landscapes full of interesting creatures, music and sound effects and possibly, in the future, you will find your way back to this world. The episodes are a part of the game and when you will have finished with the story, you will be able to continue the game in NeuroVoider, without completing all the episodes.

You can play the game on PC and Mac with WINE or CrossOver and iPhone or iPad with CrossOver or Apple Arcade.


Episodic, 3D text-adventure “NeuroVoider”

Between chapters, a short cutscene with extra information about the episode and characters

Long cutscenes, with dialogues, sometimes with extra information about the current scene

Overworld, a map where the player moves to in the beginning of the story

Environments: Forests, mountains, deserts, caves, cities

Cities with people, places to visit and buildings and doors to enter

Citizens: Walk around and talk to people

Talking with the NPC’s: can you help them?

Animated doll for your avatar, with emotions and emotions expressions

Music: in your footsteps, sound effects, dialogue, and soundtracks

Environment and monsters, some animated, some as a still sprite

BOSS: Monsters, very difficult and evil bosses

Enemies: monsters and creatures, with different attacks and weapons

Hidden items: there are some items hidden between the levels, to be found

Pranks, traps, puzzles: there are some things that will need your help

Stats and rankings: in the Overworld, you will see your ranking and then your general ranking

Replay and save games: the game remembers and lets you create as many save games you wish

Save to continue later: if you want to continue playing when you will be finished with the game or playing in different device, you can use the save files

Visual feedback from your actions and a small tutorial

A comic-style short story with a different ending each time

And many more!

Additional features

Font size adjuster

You can choose a font size from 2 to 8 for the game, in the options


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NeuroVoider is an online game built on Microsoft Kinect, from scratch to actual gameplay, we’ve only put in our best to make it as fun as we can. So it’s a 2D physics game that adds mind bending, time-based interactions to the 3D space. The objective of the game is finding a basic strategy that works in-game as well as in real life.
Game “Deep Space Camp”:

After the first 4 days the teams with the highest rank will be presented to the audience at the NASA Headquarters in Washington. They will have 4 days to plan and communicate their deeper strategy. One of the goals of the game will be helping them to perform their best!
The competition is for really ambitious people. For a chance to get the attention of NASA and to be selected to be part of a public team.

published:18 Nov 2011


A truck loaded with ball bearings and scrap metal explodes. The driver walks away with only a few bumps and bruises. How did such a mundane object manifest itself into a powerful weapon on such a large scale?
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What’s new:

Weekly Journal #2.6 2020/06/08 | Dedicated to Nate and Joel Reason

Welcome to another NeuroVoider Weekly Journal! This is the best way to keep track of all the many things we are currently working on.

You can see a list of all the topics currently being worked on here.

If you have the time, please leave comments! And if we could get some feedback on this format, it would be much appreciated

Where it all starts

Our weekly journal started off from a few different sources. A friend emailed us a link to a video of his “lessons learned” on this artistic aspect. We used that as the original inspiration for the Weekly Journal format. We also learned about the excellent journal format by Glen Dore and we want to use that idea.

The Weekly Journal

What is a Weekly Journal you may ask? For people who keep diaries on a more regular basis, this is the perfect format to catch up with your extended family because you’re not journaling every week, you just collect information about a regular schedule. Or for people who don’t have consistent weeks it’s a great solution to get the information onto a single place online as opposed to a year long diary.

Creating the Publication

As a first step, we started a shared document on Google Drive. This document shows all the information from our Weekly Journal:

In this example, you can see we have two weeks worth of material uploaded. And going forward we can add more weeks by simply updating the document on Google Drive.

But we did not want to keep a static copy of a Journal on a shared Google Drive account. Instead, we wanted to create a website. This website should contain both a frontend and backend. So the frontend would be a nice website for everyone to use as they read. The backend however would store the content and updates of our Weekly Journal. This website is a custom solution running on Elasticsearch. Similar to Google’s Blogger, it uses an application architecture to make sure that our content is always accessible. To create this customized site, we used Github Pages. It’s a fantastic free service that allows us to create our own custom website and keeps the information only on ourselves.

Note: This is still in progress, so we’re still creating the website. But we have tested it out and should be ready for large scale usage by the beginning


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How To Crack NeuroVoider:

  • Browse the list of files available for download from the link above
  • Move all the downloaded zip files to an empty folder
  • Extract All files of the archive
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  • Double click on cracked file to start game

If you are stuck anywhere then use our PlayFreeSupport forum for further support.

1. Execution of the game

There are three ways to execute the game

  • To play the game on your desktop from the install directory (windows 7, 8, 32 bit and 64 bit)
  • To play the game on your desktop from the install directory (windows 10 32 bit and 64 bit)
  • To play the game on your android mobile from the install directory (32 bit)

2. Screenshots of the game

  • To get the game screen shots and videos of the game run the game and record the screen shot
  • To get the full game screen shots and videos record the game to a video file and play it on any video player

System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:
– Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 16.10, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 18.10, Ubuntu 20.04
– Android 6.0 Marshmallow
– Android 7.0 Nougat
– Android 8.0 Oreo
– Android 9.0 Pie
– Android 10.0
– Android 10.0 Pie (BETA)
Recommended System Requirements:
– Ubuntu 18.04
– Android 9.0


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