marwran fe98829e30 January 25, 2022 5:40 am parreg. parreg fe98829e30 . Today’s game is not just a continuation, it is the beginning of a new tradition.
As you have already noticed, with each new game we try to bring something new, interesting and fresh to your favorite games.
We sincerely hope for your understanding and wish you a pleasant time with us.We thank you for your support and for being with us!
Thank you all for playing!
See you next time!
Sincerely, The Snark Team.
Game 1: Snark team, Snark team.

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How to change the attribute of an object in a list by a list index from another list

Thanks for your help. I have 3 lists.
in list1:
elements = [ {“a”:1}, {“a”:2}, {“a”:3}, {“a”:4}]

in list2:
index = [1,0,0,0]

I want to change the element in the first list by its index in list2.
So I want to do something like:
element = list1[index[i]]

But I have this error:
‘list’ object has no attribute ‘__getitem__’


list1[list1.index(element)] = element

This works because the index works on lists, not the dicts (so element = list1[1] will return the list [{‘a’: 1}, {‘a’: 2}] instead of {‘a’: 1}), and since dicts are lists, list1.index(element) returns a list with the index of element in the list as its first element.

List.index(x) Return the index of an item, if it is present, else raise a ValueError. If the argument is not present in the list, it returns -1.

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