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This e-book provides a complete and up-to-date overview of the process of creating and using synthetic geographic models to explore the interactions between agriculture, forestry, and land management.

It draws on recent research and new developments, as well as an extensive review of major models, to trace the evolution of these approaches, and assess their current and potential uses. It also reviews their use for developing and monitoring internationally agreed agricultural policies, and their development in relation to the future of agricultural support policy.

This detailed and accessible e-book serves as a useful companion to “Modelling and Managing Agricultural Effects on Land Use: Theory and Practice” (Routledge Land and Water Series), with relevant material from the latter volume being incorporated into this publication.

The book is aimed at policy makers, researchers, academics, and those working in the field of land management, agriculture, and forestry. It provides a concise overview of current concepts and issues in Geographic Information Systems and modelling, and how these are used in agricultural, forestry, and land management practice and research.

It is available in both print and e-book format.


1. Introduction

1.1. Scope and objectives

1.2. Background

2. Synthetic Landscape, Landscape, and Society

2.1. Synthetic landscape modelling

2.2. Landscape as social science and human geography

3. Agricultural systems modelling

3.1. The development of agricultural systems modelling

3.2. Agricultural systems models

3.3. Challenges and opportunities in agricultural systems modelling

4. Interaction, Adaptation, and Ecological Restoration in the Landscape

4.1. Ecological and social interaction in the landscape

4.2. Landscape narratives

4.3. Interaction between agriculture and ecology

4.4. Interaction and adaptation in the land system

5. Assessing, Monitoring, and Reporting

5.1. Assessing agriculture and land impacts

5.2. Monitoring impacts of agriculture and land management

5.3. Reporting agriculture and land-use interactions

Appendix 1. Report of the CNRS on the Science and Technology of Landscape Information.

Appendix 2. Report of the Commission de la Délicate Terre (CDT), France: Landscape and Landscape Information: Strategic Framework and Investment Plan


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